Codes of Conduct  (as found in the Brown Book revised November 2012)

We have created an organization whose success depends on the integrity, respect, dedication and
professionalism of every one of its members. In every aspect of our lives, regardless of rank, every Brown
Beret must strictly adhere to the following rules of behavior:

  1. Absolute professionalism: We must dedicate ourselves to attain the highest level of professionalism.
    This will be attained through a dedication to training and hard work in all we do.
  2. Exercise good judgement and character in any situation that arises within our communities. We cannot
    involve ourselves in potentially divisive situations, because our mission is to unify our Raza.
  3. In the absence of any leadership we must take the initiative to create a leadership council and address
    the issues at hand. In the event of an emergency we must take charge in order to serve and protect our
  4. Any Brown Beret officer who exercises bad leadership and places the safety of those in his or her charge
    or sphere of responsibility and who takes any actions that reflect negatively on the National Brown
    Berets or places any member of the community or the National Brown Berets in jeopardy of life, limb or
    reputation is in violation of Brown Beret Policy and will be subjected to one or any of the following
    disciplinary actions:    
  • Disciplinary hearing,
  • suspension from the organization,
  • expulsion from the organization,
  • disciplinary actions sanctioned by the body of the organization.
The following are Meeting Rules for Units, to observe and put into effect so that outbreaks may not occur.

  1. Members and others under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs will not be permitted to
    participate in meetings or official national events. They will be asked to leave by the Yaotl.
  2. Members are expected to treat each other in a respectful manner and promote a non-racist, non-sexist
    or non-chauvinistic behavior. Members who cannot comply will be asked to leave by consensus of the
    Unit and such directives will be carried out by the Yaotl as needed.
  3. No Violence, derogatory language nor actions which promote violence will be allowed at meetings.
    Anyone involved in such actions will promptly be asked to leave by the Yaotl. Any incident of this nature
    will be referred to the Unit for review and follow-up action.
  4. Agendas must be prepared in advance by the Unit Cabinet.
  5. Only full fledged Brown Berets are allowed in meetings dealings with Beret business.  Recruits,
    associates, and guests must not be allowed to join in those meetings.
  6. Everyone must be on time to all meetings, always arrive 15 minutes before the set time.
  7. Everyone is required to be in uniform at all meetings. If special guests are invited to speak or attend
    then there must be Yaotl posted at the front door.
  8. The Captain or highest presiding Officer will begin and end all meetings.
  9. Their will be a five minute limit on everyone for talking.
  10. When someone is speaking, full attention must be given to the speaker.
  11. All announcements will be given after the Captain has completely gone over the agenda.
  12. Sign-in sheets will consist of names only. The Recruiting officer must collect information on all first time
    visitors and perform follow-ups on.
  13. The Officer of Information must pass out and collect the Security background check form to all new

Note: The Brown Berets have no tolerance for disruptive individuals, groups, or hidden agendas.
    5.  It is the duty of the officer in charge of any activity to account for all soldiers at the end of the day. No
    disciplinary action and can lead to suspension or termination of the officer at fault.
    6. Any Brown Beret that is engaged in illicit activities such as but not limited to drugs or gangs is in
    violation of Brown Beret policies and will be reprimanded or face suspension, expulsion or other forms
    of disciplinary actions sanctioned by the membership of the National Brown Berets.
    6. Any Brown Beret who physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally abuses another Brown Beret
    Member will face disciplinary actions sanctioned by the membership of the National Brown Berets.
    7. Any Brown Beret who disrespects rank or refuses to follow the policies or directives of the National
    Brown Berets is subject to a verbal warning and notification to the disciplinary officer.  Individual will
    face disciplinary actions sanctioned by the membership of the National Brown Berets. Further non-
    compliance will be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the organization.
    8. Any Brown Beret that makes any disparaging remarks in public about another Brown Beret is guilty of
    disrespect and will face disciplinary action. As Brown Berets we are to respect each other for our
    commitment to La Causa and to our community. Any grievances must be brought to the attention of the
    Brown Beret National Organization in an official meeting and must be done in a respectful manner.
    9. A Brown Beret accused of any violations of this code of ethics and conduct has the right to be treated
    with respect and dignity throughout all the proceedings.  They are to be assumed innocent until proven
    guilty of said accusations by a preponderance of evidence presented to the membership of the Brown
    Beret National organization in an official meeting. If any Brown Beret accuses another Brown Beret and it
    is considered to be done in a fraudulent and spiteful manner to cause harm to said members reputation
    shall be guilty of disrespect and shall face disciplinary actions.
    10.Any Brown Beret accused of any violation has the right to present evidence on their behalf and has
    the right to speak to the membership. They will have the right to appeal, any and all judgements, have
    someone act as their representative on their behalf and present any arguments to defend themselves
    from any accusations and/or disciplinary actions.
    11.Any disciplinary hearings or proceedings will be presided over by the membership of the Brown Beret
    organization in the area and will be objective to all evidence presented and will weigh said evidence pro
    and con and will consider the recommended course of action and pronounce judgement.   Disciplinary
    action may not be of a physical nature. As Brown Berets we are to hold the individual in esteem and
    respect regardless of their rank.
    12. New recruits must be voted into the organization and can only be presented for voting after
    participation in four events or meetings.  All recruits of the National Brown Beret shall submit a
    completed application for membership and will agree to attend meetings and participate in Brown Beret
    functions as a Brown Beret in uniform.

  1. There will be no person acting or speaking on behalf of the National Brown Berets without the consent
    of the organization.
  2. It is the duty of every Brown Beret to strictly observe, practice, and educate La Raza about the
    philosophy and goals of the organization, despite each member's personal opinions, histories, or
  3. Fighting between the members of the organization is strictly forbidden both physically and verbally. It is
    detrimental to the organization, its goals, its principles and its image. It is also a setback to La Raza and
    La Causa.
  4. Drugs and alcoholism are not permitted as they are a detriment and major contributors to the
    destruction of our community and our people.
  5. No Brown Beret shall divulge any information about another Brown Beret when it has been considered
    confidential or internal, such as: disciplinary hearings, actions or outcomes. Nor shall they make any
    slanderous comments or remarks to impugn the integrity or the reputation of any member of the
    organization past or present.
  6. Every Brown Beret, regardless of rank, shall support each other in the field regardless of the situation,
    because mission accomplishment is our duty.
  7. Every Brown Beret will exercise courtesy and respect for each other regardless of age, race, sex,
    gender, or personal accomplishments.
  8. No Brown Beret shall allow differences of opinion to become personal grudges nor shall they allow them
    to interfere with our working relationships with each other because it undermines La Causa.
  9. Any Brown Beret that refuses to work with another Brown Beret is working against La Causa and the
    common goals of the organization. The success of our mission is dependent upon good rapport and
    cooperation within our ranks.
  10. Every Brown Beret must exercise good judgement when dealing with the public, as well as promote and
    maintain good public relations for the sake of attaining viable resources for the advancement of La
  11. All resources and contributions obtained by the local chapters must be held in complete and transparent
    accounting to the National Organization. Whether said funds or resources were garnered by volunteer
    or other means. It is imperative that the organization maintain good accounting practices in order to
    better serve La Raza and La Causa.
  12. Every Brown Beret must exercise obedience to these rules, when in question it must be brought to the
    attention to the Membership for clarification.
  13. Brown Berets that hold rank or positions of responsibilities cannot refuse any directives from the
    commanding body as it is the duty of every officer to lead through example, discipline and commitment
    to the organization.
  14. Directives must be given in a respectful, courteous and professional manner by all those with positions
    of responsibility. The directives must be clear, concise and communicated in a way that is easily
    understood by those directed.
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