Alien, immigrant, illegal, anchor babies, wetbacks. I’m sure you have all heard those words thrown around.
If you are a racist American that subscribes to our site (which incidentally thousands of you do and boost
our page hits, so thank you very much), you have probably used them before. Maybe you are a vendido,
aka sellout coconut, and you think somehow you are better than other people who look like you, talk like
you, and share many of the same values, possibly even the same blood, it’s called internalized racism. You
think you hate others, but in reality you really, REALLY hate yourself. We have heard all your arguments
and quite frankly they are quite ignorant and childish. You are NOT smarter than a fifth grader!

Even a fifth grader knows that every European that came here had to cross an entire ocean and illegally
squat on land that was not theirs. They murdered over 100 million Native people and declared themselves
a nation, all the mean while not respecting the nations and people that were originally from this
hemisphere and were still there. So they invaded and “conquered” more lands, not respecting any
borders or the National Sovereignty of those Native Nations and stole their resources. They were like a
locust, a plague if you will, on the land, devouring and destroying everything in their path. What is that
called? Yes, illegal immigration and an illegal invasion.

“God willed it!” So you say. “God was on our side and gave the White man these lands according to the
prophecies in the Bible”. You think we are making up that statement? Scroll down and you’ll see one of
yours saying so. It is a perfect example of white supremacist thought. We also get comments and emails
from you saying, “We won, you lost, stop crying. It’s the way things work; winners take all”. Or how about
this one, “If you don’t like it here go back to Mexico and fix your own country”. Such profound statements,
there must be a book of racist and ignorant phrases for the typical American out there.  

Suppose we go back to that fifth grader he or she would know that there are some things inherently wrong
with those statements. First, those Old Testament prophecies were written for the 12 tribes of Israel,
concerning the land of the Canaanites whom the Israelites were supposed to inherit. It mentions
absolutely nothing of Europeans, and no, you are NOT the lost tribe of Israel. Secondly, if someone
commits a home invasion and holds you hostage while killing some of your family would you still follow
your rule of “he won, you lost, stop crying; winners take all?” NO? “Because it’s against the law” you say.
Was it against the law when European/Americans broke into my people’s homes, killed our women and
children, and stole our land? No? Is that different? Is the law not applicable in my situation? If the law is
not applicable to me, then maybe it wasn’t written for me and if it is not written for me then why should I
obey it? Lastly, concerning fixing Mexico; the reason why Mexicans and other Raza from other countries
down south are migrating over is because America with its Capitalist, free market, free trade standards
has destroyed Mexico’s economy. America has always been the beginning and end to all of our problems.
Besides if Mexico ever tried to gain influence as a sovereign world power America would do everything it
can to destroy it and prevent it from happening. Plus, as I said a short while back, this is my land, I’m not an
immigrant here.

The debate on immigration today is not about law because if it was then all European-Americans would
deport themselves back to Europe because none of them have a passport from the Native Nations giving
them permission to be here. It is about race and preserving White America, as it was back in the 50’s;
White dominated, White owned, White majority, White Values. In political science circles it’s called WASP
(White Anglo Saxon Protestant). The truth is that White Americans cannot stand seeing brown faces
everywhere. They can’t stand our religions, our values, and our language.

Every statement that is made concerning so called “immigrant” Mexicans is interlaced with racism. They
yell at the top of their lungs “WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!”  Well that is really simple, GO BACK TO
EUROPE! That is where their real country exists. Really, what “country”, and back from whom? What are
they referring to? If it’s in reference to jobs, the economy, and politics, they need not look much further
than the greedy corporations that are shipping their jobs overseas and the crooked Republican politicians
that allow it with deregulation. It is racist to scapegoat a whole race of people and put on them the evil that
these corporations and politicians are doing.

Mexicans (undocumented workers) are not taking any American jobs. I don’t know any Americans that are
willing to work in the field for anything less than $25 an hour. Undocumented workers work longer, harder
and for less money than Americans. They don’t care about buying all the expensive and luxurious things
most Americans desire, they just want to put food on the table and roof over their families head. That is
part of our value system; family comes first, something that most Americans and Americanized people of
color lost long ago.

That brings me to the next point, Assimilation and Acculturation. If the issue was not of race why make
statements such as “They come here and don’t want to learn our language and our ways, this is America,
talk ENGLISH”. Whose ways are we talking about here? White culture? Do you want me to act like Britney
Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Lady Caca? Oh no, no, no! You mean you want me to assimilate into a melting
pot and become American? Then maybe I should act black, or Asian, or Catholic Irish. No? Those are
considered subcultures right, because they are not “real” culture. What begins to happen is that
American, human, and white all become synonymous and what you really mean is “I’m white and you can
act white, you can come over to this side and talk, dress, walk, and act like me. Meet me on my terms,
when I want you to”. But you know that I can’t go over there. You know that this hair, and the color of my
skin, and the way that I speak is unpalatable to this god-damn society! You speak English because your
people come from Britain and yours is a continuation of the old British empire. Why would I want to
assimilate into that? What good is there in your culture that I cannot find in mine? When I assimilate into
American culture I have to lose my culture and in so doing I lose my identity and I begin dying inside.

So back to this so-called illegal immigration question. We do not believe that illegal immigration exists
when it is in reference to our people. We support our people migrating back to their homelands in search
for a better life for their families. We support comprehensive immigration reform that is dignified and
respects our people’s right to be here. After all we were here long before America existed and will
continue to be here long after America is gone. We support any attempts by our people to receive benefits
and rights that will better their standard of living and provide them a better education. We do not hate our
own people simply they were born on the other side of a European imposed border but we will be there to
serve them just as much as we are to serve those born on this side of that border.

This so called illegal immigration problem is really not a problem in this country. What is happening is that
paranoid and racist people are stirring up anger to shift the blame for their leaders’ mistakes onto others,
just the way that Nazi Germany did to the Jews. Whatever fabricated statistics that are used are not
indicative of the situation as it really is. Many of these fabrications when compared to the actual statistics
are grossly exaggerated and manipulated to distort the truth. The truth of the matter is that when migrants
move into a neighborhood they actually lower the overall crime rate. The majority of the crimes when
broken down demographically are committed by white Americans but they are convicted at a lesser rate,
they are given preference to probation, joint suspended probation, verbal warnings, which are basically a
slap on the wrist. Furthermore a lot of research shows that white Americans commit more heinous crimes
such as murders, mass murders, murder suicides, serial killings, rapes and child molestation, hate crimes,
and theft of millions sometimes even billions of dollars. On the other hand migrants and blacks as well are
convicted more often for lesser crimes and are pushed into the penal system, (a very lucrative business
by the way). There is also a general bias in the way that crimes committed by a person of color are often
highlighted and magnified so as to demonize the whole community.

Now considering the financial argument against the so called “illegal immigrants” it is all hyperbole and
speculation. Again the numbers and statistics are distorted or outright made up to reflect negatively on
migrants. One argument made is that they do not pay taxes. That is LIE. They pay the same taxes that
everyone else pays, and sometimes even higher. According to IRS tax law U.S. citizens are afforded
certain tax breaks and credits. If an undocumented worker is using an ITIN number (which is allowed for
IRS purposes to file taxes) that person must pay at a higher tax bracket than a U.S. citizen. He or she is not
allowed to receive any credits or refunds because they do not have a social security number. Millions of
undocumented workers in their attempt to “establish residency” in hopes of one day becoming “legal”
here voluntarily pay thousands of dollars in taxes every year with no hope of ever getting it back. Do the
math, if 1 million undocumented workers pay an average of $3,000 in non-refundable taxes per year that is
3 BILLION dollars. There are millions of undocumented workers that do this every year. Furthermore,
millions of undocumented workers were allowed by law to buy a house as well with that ITIN number, so
those are property taxes that are being paid. Not to mention the state and local sales taxes that are paid
everyday by the millions, if not billions. They do not go to Mexico to buy their groceries, cars, gas, and pay
their utilities. They have set up their lives here and contribute to the system much more than most

Arizona should be closely looked at to determine the financial impact migrants have on the economy.
Racist Americans there passed a law that racially profiles any brown person and create a hostile racist
environment. The goal was to rid the state of Mexicans and create a Nazi like regime there. When the law
was passed Mexicans, both undocumented and citizens alike fled the state and what followed was an
economic catastrophe. Now Arizona politicians want the undocumented workers back, at least for slave
labor, but not necessarily them as a people. It should show the racism and ignorance of some of these
politicians. You cannot get the best of both. You want us here or you don’t. If you don’t you will suffer the
economic consequences.

We are a kind and fair people; we work hard, love our families and we try to make the best out of every
situation that we are in. We still carry on the music that we had, our culture, our language, our traditions. It’
s what makes us a happy people, full of life and celebration. It is what keeps us together as a community
and what has kept our indomitable spirit alive for over 50,000 years.  Most of you racist Americans fear us
and judge what you don’t know because you have never taken the time to befriend us. If you did you
would find that we would be more accepting of you than you have been of us.

If you felt offended by anything that you read above, particularly the sarcastic remarks understand that it is
addressed to racist and ignorant people. We do not apologize for standing up to you and giving you a
taste of your own medicine.  We sincerely hope that those who understand and accept us, whether you are
White, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern or of Raza descent, you are loved and respected and we thank you for
your support.
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