Are you down for your Raza? Do you represent? Are you proud of who you are and to hell with anyone who wants to
put you down? If you answered yes then the Brown Berets are for you. The Brown Berets are the Chicano Military
organization that defends our Raza from racist attacks of the Migra, Police, Minute Men, KKK, Skin Heads, and
anyone and anything that threatens to do harm to our people and/or destroy our way of life.

Not everyone is meant to be a Brown Beret and we take membership in the Organization serious. It is mandatory that
everyone who joins fully accept our ideology, abide by our rules, and follow orders. All potential members must pass a
security check, and physical and mental assessment. If you feel you have what it takes, contact us, but if you want to
party, be "hyper-cultural", or be "peace activists" this is not for you. There are plenty great organizations that focus
on those things. DO NOT sign-up if you are not ready to be committed to it.

If after reading through this website you have made a conscious decision to join the Brown Berets you have two options
for membership; one is an Associate Member, the other option is for you to become a full-fledged Brown Beret Soldier,
each one comes with it's own responsibility.  Click on each one to find out more information
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There are many groups claiming to be Brown Berets who have risen up with skewed views and destructive, racist, and abusive practices.

A REAL BROWN BERET CANNOT BE SWORN IN OVER THE PHONE. If in your eagerness to join you run across a fake group and they try to
swear you in over the phone, claim to be Democrats, Hispanics, Gypsies, Spaniards, or Latinos, and/or they try to appoint you to an officer
position right away, you have run across a fake group. If you have gotten sworn in by them, you are NOT a Brown Beret, only real Brown
Berets can swear in another Brown Beret. We have received e-mails and reports by concerned activists who encounter these fake
groups and people.  A real Brown Beret is known by the love they have for their people and that is shown in what they say and do. Fake
groups do not have real members though they will claim to have them, they are internet "soldiers" only, and they do not do anything in the

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Community Group page on Facebook.
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